Our Supply Automated Dispensing Unit allow customers to increase productivity and reduce employee downtime by confining your inventory to a single point of storage. Supply vending machines are popular for facility supply management, healthcare, retail, IT and more. IDS’ product dispensers provide secure machine-based management of consumable and returnable supplies, tools, and other assets.

TM Return - Overview

SmartVend’s TM Return features two return slots for the return of up to two items such as surgical scrub tops or bottoms, chef coats and pants, construction wear, sanitary PPE textiles, factory uniforms or hospital linens per session.

The standalone TM Scrubs Return Machine allows for greater flexibility in the location of each unit and its capacity of 200 items. Plus, the speed and ease of interaction with this clothing return machine provides staff with a simple, fast and effective way to return used items.

TM Return - Colour


TM Return - Electrical Requirements

115 VAC/60Hz, 1.2 AMPS.

TM Return - Selections


TM Return - Capacity

*256 Items
*May vary based on item size

TM Return - Communication


TM Return - Standard Features

• Guaranteed Delivery Sensor System
• Software Monitoring

TM Return - Options

User Interface
The standard 3.5” display with keypad can be upgraded to a vibrant 7” touch screen display to provide an engaging user experience and allow you to display detailed product information.

Access Methods
Employees can access your hardware using a variety of access methods using your own infrastructure including: RFID badge, magnetic strip, Proximity card reader, barcode, personal PIN, Biometrics, credit card reader (retail applications) and more.

TM Return - Dimensions

Height: 78” (96.5 cm)
Width: 38 3/4” (98.4 cm)

TM Return - Weight

*360 lbs. (163.3 kg)
*Varies with configuration and options.



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