Inventory control systems are our specialty. Regardless of industry, our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your workforce, ensure employee satisfaction and most ultimately, improve the bottom line. Our Intelligent vending machines can help track inventory without being physically at the machine with real time software. Simply login to the program and see what your inventory needs are for each machine. Inventory control systems with smart vending machines are a huge benefit to any business. Industries we supply to include:

Industrial - Overview

Placing your supplies in a closet so that everyone can have access to them makes your operation inefficient. Whether you have spent time counting all the inventory of your supplies, found you had reordered too much product or spent time finding someone with the key to the closet, valuable time has been needlessly wasted.

Adding an IDS tool vending machine or supply locker to your business grants your employees complete access to supplies they need without giving up security or productivity. Automated manufacturing supply vending machines with an integrated inventory management system ensures that your employees will always have the product they need any time of the day. Isn’t it time to ensure your employees have the supplies they need, when they need them?


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