Our Supply Automated Dispensing Unit allow customers to increase productivity and reduce employee downtime by confining your inventory to a single point of storage. Supply vending machines are popular for facility supply management, healthcare, retail, IT and more. IDS’ product dispensers provide secure machine-based management of consumable and returnable supplies, tools, and other assets.

Satellite Adjustable Locker - Overview

SmartVend provides customers with smart Satellite Adjustable Locker. The Satellite Adjustable Locker are created to expand Supply Lockers by attaching to them. They are capable of single and multi-item dispense, check-in/check-out, loan periods, asset management and self-service automated order pick-up/will-call are all possible through Satellite Lockers.

Satellite Adjustable Locker - Colour


Satellite Adjustable Locker - Electrical Requirements

Domestic: 115 VAC/60Hz, 1.2 AMPS
International: 230 VAC/50Hz, .6 AMPS

Satellite Adjustable Locker - Selections

Up to 20 Compartments

Satellite Adjustable Locker - Capacity

Max of: 4 compartments with a 10-23/32″H x 10-15/16″W opening and 16 compartments with a 4-23/32″H x 10-15/16″W opening.

Depth: 22-15/16″D.

Compartment Door Type: Window or Solid Door

Satellite Adjustable Locker - Communication

Web-based through host dispenser connection, which can connect with Host Supply Dispenser or Host Supply Locker.

Satellite Adjustable Locker - Standard Features

LED Interior Lighting.

Satellite Adjustable Locker - Options

User Interface

The standard 3.5” display with keypad can be upgraded to a vibrant 7” touch screen display to provide an engaging user experience and allow you to display detailed product information

Access Methods

Employees can access your hardware using a variety of access methods using your own infrastructure including RFID badge, magnetic strip, Proximity card reader, barcode, personal PIN, Biometrics, credit card reader (retail applications), and more.

Solid or Windowed Doors

Solid doors are ideal for retail click-and-collect / buy online pick-up in-store applications. Windowed doors are often utilized for inventory control in office, manufacturing, and health care settings.

Custom Branding

Custom branding engages users, adds style to the machines, and promotes a brand through a design meaningful to your organization.

UVend Technology

 Provide a safer experience with UVend Technology. It is effective in killing or inactivating up to 99.9% of the most common viruses and bacteria.

Satellite Adjustable Locker - Dimensions

Height: 73-5/16” (186.2 cm)
Width: 30-1/8” (76.5 cm)
Depth: 26-3/8” (62 cm)


Satellite Adjustable Locker - Weight

*327 lbs.

*Varies with configuration & options



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